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Guest students

The University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology Hermannsburg (FIT) invites interested persons to attend courses at the FIT.

Target group

Every adult may register for a course as a guest student - university entrance qualifications are not required.

Our opportunities for further education are explicitly directed at those in parochial service or full-/part-time ecclesiastical work, volunteers counselling or running projects e.g. with refugees or those involved in social-diaconal work, although of course anyone interested in ecumenic and interreligious topics or in meeting people from different cultural and religious backgrounds and/or traditions is also welcome.

Course content

The course contents taught at FIT are very topical:

Migration, globalisation and the wave of refugees leads to intense interaction between different cultures, not only in Germany, but worldwide. For a successful interaction in parish work, diaconia, refugee work and ecumenism, knowledge about the varying and diverse models of Christianity worldwide and other religious traditions is needed, as well as good intercultural communication skills; such competencies can be acquired at the FIT.

As a FIT guest student you will have the opportunity to interact with our international students from 41 nations and learn about intercultural theology, diaconia and ecumenism in a global context, while developing your intercultural communication skills.


Please contact the course advisors listed below for further information regarding module content and guest student issues:

•  Professor Drea Fröchtling for the BA degree course „Intercultural Theology and Global Diaconia“; itdg@fh-hermannsburg.de

•  Professor Andreas Kunz-Lübcke for the BA degree course „Intercultural Theology, Migration and Global Cooperation“; itmgz@fh-hermannsburg.de


Guest students have to pay the following fees:

•  if attending all course
   100 % of the study fees are due, namely 500,00 EUR per semester
•  if attending 9 – 16  hours per week during the semester
   50 % of the study fees are due, namely 250,00 EUR per semester
•  if attending up to 8 hours per week during the semester                         
   25 % of the study fees are due, namely 125,00 EUR per semester

Please transfer the guest student fees into the following bank account:

Recipient:                  FIT Hermannsburg

IBAN:                      DE08 5206 0410 0106 4305 89

BIC:                        GENODEF1EK1

Purpose of use:        Guest student WS / SS 20…,
                               Name, first name.

Registration procedure

Please fill in and sign the application form for admission (adjacent link box) and submit it by the respective deadline (Winter Semester: 31.07./Summer Semester: 31.01.) together with verification that you have paid the guest student fees (either bank confirmation or bank statement) to the following FIT address:

Fachhochschule für Interkulturelle Theologie Hermannsburg
Missionsstraße 3 – 5
29320 Südheide

If you are accepted as a guest student and you have paid the respective fees, then you will be given an admission certificate for the respective semester entitling you to attend the courses listed.

Guest student status

As a guest student, you are not a member of the staff and student body of the University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology Hermannsburg and  according to Lower Saxony’s University Law (NHG) not a regular student.

Guest students at the FIT cannot sit examinations, but regular course work can be assessed, although it will be noted on the assessed work, that the work is that of a guest student.  Should a guest student later take up studies at the FIT, then such certified work can be accepted as course work.

Please apply separately for the certification of work achievements.

Please note:
The information about guest studies at FIT is also available as a download in the info box on the right.