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Students, AStA, semester ticket & more

In Wintersemester 2021/22, 92 students from 33 nations with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds are currently studying on FIT Campus - including the Master's programme "intercultual theology" offered jointly with the University of Göttingen.

A diversity that inspires and broadens the horizon!

Students come from Egypt, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Brasil, China, Germany, Georgia, Ghana, India, Iran, Cameroon, Kenya, Korea, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine, USA and Belarus to study Intercultural Theology at FIT.

The daily living together and learning together of a culturally and religiously diverse community of international students on the FIT campus is part of the intercultural and global concept of our university of applied sciences.

Introducing the AStA


We, the AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss), are your elected reliable representatives. According to the Lower Saxony Higher Education Law, we are there to represent your cultural, social and (university concerning) political interests on campus. In concrete terms, this means being the interface between you and the university management effortlessly.

One possibility for this is offered by the FHK (Fachhochschulkonferenz): The students of the two BA degree programmes each elect and send one chairman/chairwoman and one deputy to the AStA. They represent the students in the FHK, in which they also have the right to vote. A representative of the MA degree programme also participates in the meetings of the FHK as an advisory member, but has no voting rights.

Furthermore, we organize with you the social, cultural and political life on campus and in Hermannsburg. For us, politics means that everyone has the same value and every opinion counts equally. So contribute your opinion and shape the university life. If you have suggestions and criticism or simply need an open ear, please speak to us!


The AStA is currently composed of Diana Achuti and Kabuya Muito. Both are studying in the degree program "Intercultural Theology, Migration and Global Cooperation" (ITMGZ); they are in their third semester.

The students of the MA program "Intercultural Theology" (ICT) have not yet nominated a representative.

Many thanks to all students who contribute to the university community and represent the interests of the students.

AStA launches petitions on the occasion of the closure decision

On the occasion of the recent decision by the ELM Mission Committee to close FIT within a transitional period, the students of FIT have started two petitions through the AStA in which they campaign for the preservation of the university and address demands to the ELM and the three sponsoring churches.

The Cellesche Zeitung and Celle.heute have already reported on this:



The following links will take you to the petitions:

Petition Landeskirche:


Petition ELM:



Semester Ticket for all FIT Students

In order to improve students' access to local public transport, the majority of FIT students decided in the winter semester 2019/2020 to participate in the so-called "landesweites Semsterticket" (state-wide semester ticket" or "student transit pass").

  • Who can use the semester ticket?
    Students in Lower Saxony/Bremen receive a state-wide semester ticket if their university participates. FIT has been participating in the semester ticket since 01.09.2020, so that FIT students can use the semester ticket on presentation of their student ID card issued to them at the beginning of their studies.

    Guest students and students on leave of absence from FIT are excluded from the semester ticket.

    The semester ticket is personal and non-transferable.
  • The ticket entitles the holder to travel

    - on all local trains (RE, RB, S-Bahn and Regio-S-Bahn)
      and in the IC/EC on the route Bremen Hbf - Norddeich
      Mole/ Emden Outer Harbour
    - exclusively in 2nd car class,
      as well as in buses of the SEV ("Schienenersatzverkehr"
       = train replacement traffic)
    - during the period of validity stated on the semester ticket
      is noted,
    - throughout Lower Saxony and Bremen, as well as on
      certain routes beyond this.

    The route network covered by the semester ticket can be seen on the following map: https://www.dein-semesterticket.de/alles-zum-ticket/streckennetz/

    The semester ticket is not valid on local buses, trams and underground trains.
    A separate ticket is required for this.

  • Ticket:
    The student ID (or a comparable ticket medium with the note "Semesterticket" or "Semesterticketausweis") is valid as a ticket.

    The student ID / semester ticket is only valid in connection with a valid identity card, a valid passport or another valid official document with a photo that can clearly identify the student. The student ID card / semester ticket and the identification documents must be presented as originals at the ticket control. Copies (including certified copies) will not be accepted as entitlement to travel.

Implementation of a semester fee as of winter semester 2020/21

FIT students have adopted new financial and contribution regulations, according to which semester fees are to be paid in the following amounts as of winter semester 2020/21:

- AStA contribution: 10,00 EUR
- Fee for the semester ticket:
  Currently 90.00 EUR

The fee for the semester ticket is based on the result of a ballot  conducted in the winter semester 2019/20 among students enrolled at FIT.

Please note the following:

  • Full payment of tuition fees and semester fees is a prerequisite for enrolment.
  • The fees are 
    - as of 31.07. (winter semester)
    - or on 31.01. (summer semester)

From 01.05.2023: Optional upgrade to the semester ticket

In connection with the introduction of the Germany-wide valid "Deutschlandticket" on 01.05.2023, there has also been an upgrade for the semester ticket:

  • The upgrade costs 34,23 EUR per month for FIT students. Each student can decide for themselves whether they want to use the upgrade. One advantage of the upgrade for FIT students is that trips on the CeBus are also covered.
  • The semester ticket upgrade can be purchased by students who have a valid statewide semester ticket for Lower Saxony/Bremen. This purchase is optional and must be applied for independently by each student. It is a subscription that can be cancelled on a monthly basis. For this purpose, please contact your specific sales partner.
  • Sales partner for FIT students is the Niedersachsentarif GmbH (NITAG): https://www.niedersachsentarif.de/fahrkarten/deutschland-ticket 
  • The semester ticket upgrade for students enrolled in Göttingen is distributed by the Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe (GöVB). The price for Göttingen students is 25,11 EUR.

The AStA has further information and regulations regarding the upgrade of the semester ticket. If you have any questions on this topic, please contact the ASTA.