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Hermannsburg is a small, romantic town in the beautiful Lüneburger Heide region between Hanover and Hamburg in Northern Germany. It has a long tradition of intercultural encounters due to the activities of the Evangelical Lutheran Mission (ELM), whose headquarters have been in Hermannsburg since the 19th century.

Hermannsburg can be reached by car or by train and bus. The closest train stations are in Unterlüß and Celle. The town welcomes visitors and students from all parts of the world. It has primary and secondary schools, a creche and kindergarten and three Protestant churches at a walking distance from the University of Applied Sciences. Hermannsburg and its location in the Lüneburger Heide provides numerous opportunities for sports and outdoor activities. Those looking for the pleasures of more urban life can easily go to Celle with its castle, its charming historical buildings, its shops, restaurants, cafes and cultural life, or to Hanover, the capital of the federal state of Lower Saxony.