For future risk assessments and decisions in connection with the Corona pandemic, the university management is guided by the current situation and the respective state of knowledge. The recommendations and instructions of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the Federal Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (MWK), the Foreign Office, the district of Celle and the local health authority are decisive for us.

1. Current Information for FIT students (as of 30.09.2023)

  • Teaching in winter semester 2023/24: 
    According to the current situation, the courses will not be affected by corona-related regulations or restrictions. Thus, in the winter semester 2023/24, the courses will basically be held in presence, i.e. in classrooms on campus.

  • In consequence, it is obligatory to attend the lectures in person on site at the FIT Campus.

  • It is recommended that an FFP 2 mask be worn in enclosed spaces and especially when several people are present in an enclosed space and a minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained.

  • It is recommended that persons who have been diagnosed with corona infection or who have symptoms suggesting corona infection isolate themselves to protect others.

  • Current information regarding courses and exams in the winter semester 2022/23 will be announced on the FIT homepage, in office 365 and via emails to the student addresses (FIT account). Information and instructions regarding the repetition of examinations will be given to the students concerned by email in due course.

2. Online Teaching Option

We reserve the right to hold future courses online using MS Teams, which is part of Office 365 and is made available to FIT students. Also in case of online teaching, students are obliged to attend the courses regularly.

The study material will be put online by the lecturers and is accessible via specific channels on your MS Teams platform.

Students are strongly advised to acquire a laptop or PC in good time. A smartphone is not technically sufficient for participation in online lectures and courses. Students' laptops or PCs should be equipped with the latest technology and software. FIT students receive free access to the necessary programs and applications.

Please, check FIT Homepage, Office 365 and your email account for further information on a daily basis. All current information is provided in English as well as in German.

3. Corona situation in Germany (as of 10/2023)

The general federal and state Corona regulations such as mask and isolation requirements have been eliminated since 08.04.2023. Regardless of this, it is recommended, on one's own responsibility as well as for the protection of oneself and others, 
  1. to continue to test yourself if symptoms occur and stay at home and reduce contacts if the test is positive;
  2. to wear mouth-to-nose coverings and keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people in enclosed spaces, in facilities and plants frequented by the public, and in places where there are large numbers of people;
  3. to take hygiene measures to protect against infection with Corona virus or other viruses (e.g., influenza), i.e., wash hands frequently and thoroughly and follow cough and wet etiquette;
  4. to ventilate well closed rooms used for the stay of people.

4. Information on the current situation from Robert Koch-Institute (RKI):

The RKI informs daily about the current situation and issues recommendations how to act and how to control the spread of the virus here:

Information from the RKI on the current situation

5. In case of Coronary symptoms or suspicion of a corona infection:

If you show typical corona symptoms (cough, colds, sore/itchy throat, shortness of breath, and fever, possibly diarrhoea, loss of smell or taste) or assume that you have been infected with the virus, please

  • DO NOT visit your doctor's surgery,
  • but contact your doctor by telephone.
  • If she/he is not available, please call the emergency service of the health insurance company at 116 117.
  • Stay away from other people and follow the instructions of the doctor or emergency service.
  • If you stay on campus, also inform the Student Secretariat or the university management by phone or email.

6. Vaccination against Covid-19

  • The incidence of corona infections is many times higher in the unvaccinated than in the vaccinated. Furthermore, it is almost exclusively the unvaccinated who are dependent on intensive medical care for severe courses of the disease.
  • Wherever many citizens are vaccinated, the virus can spread less easily. Those who are vaccinated have a significantly higher protection against a severe course of the disease and at the same time better protect others from infection. 
  • FIT recommends all studens and co-workers of FIT to get vaccinated against Covid-19. If a students needs support in this matter, please contact us.

For helpful information on Covic-19 and vaccination against coronavirus in several languages please check here: