Intercultural history of Christianity

From a historical, social science and theoretical perspective, I pursue questions of identity in local and global Christianity with my general research focus on the “intercultural history of Christianity”. This is done taking into account fundamental transformation processes (such as globalisation and migration) and with reference to intercultural and interreligious interaction processes. "Intercultural History of Christianity" is located in the overlapping area of church history, history, missiology and religious studies, ecumenism and intercultural theology.

In this respect, the following research areas crystallise for me:

  • Theories of the historiography of Christianity and mission history.
  • Transformation processes of Christian identities in the field of tension between regional-traditional and global cultural self- and foreign determination
  • Migration research in an interdisciplinary perspective in its application to recent denominational studies
  • Interreligious interaction processes at the institutionally constituted margins of so-called "world religions".

Moritz Fischer
Prof. Dr. Moritz Fischer