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Study Modules

The study course ITGD includes the following modules:

Basic Module in Theology

Introduction to Academic Work I

Introduction to Academic Work II

Introduction to International Diaconia

Theological Ethics and Anthropology

Poverty and Development

Elective module:  a) Introduction to Social Work and Social Management
                             b) Mission Studies: Basics and Debates

Religion, Society and Language in Different Contexts

Management in Social-Diaconal Institutions

Legal Issues in Social-Diaconal Work in Germany

Interreligious Dialogue

Basics and Practice of Intercultural Counselling

Introduction to the Long-Term Internship

Project Management

Gender Studies and Social-Diaconal Work

Human Rights and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights:
History and Practice

Age(ing), Illness and Living with Disability from a Biblical-Theological and Sociological Perspective

Living and Working in Intercultural Contexts

Long-Term Internship

Evaluation of the Long-Term Internship

Preparation for the Bachelor Thesis

Bachelor Thesis

Bachelor Thesis Colloquium