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Development Studies

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Beckmann holds the chair of Development Studies. Her activities are focussed on studying and teaching the complexities of local processes of social transformation and the role of faith-based-organizations. Her major concern is to understand the interplay of individual or collective action and the structural conditions on local, national and global levels.

Dr. Gabriele Beckmann
Prof. Dr. Gabriele Beckmann
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World Christianities and Mission History

The professorship of World Christianities and Mission History is held by Prof. Dr. Moritz Fischer. At FIT he wants to contribute to qualifiing the students of different confessional, cultural and national backgrounds for work within and beyond the church in times of global political, social and spiritual insecurity.

Moritz Fischer
Prof. Dr. Moritz Fischer
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Practical Theology & Diakonia in an Intercultural Perspective

Since  summer semester 2022, the theologian and social education graduate Professor Dr. Katharina Kleine Vennekate has held the professorship of Practical Theology & Diaconia in an Intercultural Perspective.
She succeds Prof. Dr. Drea Fröchtling, who passed away in December 2021.

K. Kleine Vennekate
Prof. Dr. Katharina Kleine Vennekate

Biblical Hermeneutics in an Intercultural Perspective

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kunz-Lübcke holds the chair of Biblical Hermeneutics in Intercultural Perspective. He focuses on intercultural interpretations of the Hebrew Bible and is developing a biblical migrant hermeneutics in cooperation with UTC Bangalore. Together with colleagues in India he is working on a Biblical Theology of Inter-Religious Relations.

Andreas Kunz-Lübcke
Prof. Dr. Andreas Kunz-Lübcke
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Systematic Theology and Hermeneutics in an Intercultural Perspective

As of winter semester 2022/23 Prof. Dr Johannes Weth, a Protestant theologian and professional artist, holds the chair of Systematic Theology and Hermeneutics in Intercultural Perspective. He contributes to the FIT work especially the experience of 15 years of an intercultural community at Himmelsfels.

Prof. Dr. Weth succeeds Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Richebächer, who became emeritus in September, 2022.

Prof. Dr. Johannes Weth
Prof. Dr. Johannes Weth
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Social Work in an Intercultural Perspective

Prof. Dr. Erna Zonne-Gätjens from the Netherlands holds the chair of Social Work in an Intercultural Perspective. Her research interest lies in the social-diaconal work with migrants. She searches for characteristics of good support for intercultural upbringing and features of promising inclusion.

Erna Zonne-Gätjens
Prof. Dr. Erna Zonne-Gätjens

Prorektorin für Studienangelegenheiten

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