Finance & Employment Issues

How can I finance my studies?

German students may receive BAFöG, foreign students not entitled to BAFöG can apply for a FIT/ELM scholarship or a "Deutschland-Stipendium". Otherwise students must bear the cost of the courses themselves or apply for a scholarship with other organizations. 

Who can apply for a FIT/ELM scholarship?

All except German students entitled to BAFöG. 

Do the students have access to minijobs?

Yes, if there is a valid work permit. 

Do you have student jobs at FIT?

We do not have jobs except tutorials and student assistant jobs. Jobs outside the university have to be arranged privately. If possible, the institution can support your search. It is easier to find jobs in neighbouring cities like Celle, Hannover or Hamburg, but travellng in and out also comes into consideration. 

How can I apply for a job at FIT?

If there is a job-advertisement, any student of the FIT can apply, requirements are indicated in the job-advertisement. 

Can students combine work and lectures?

Full employment is not possible in combination with the B.A. Programmes.

I have a friend who is really struggling financially and doesn't have anyone to talk to. Is there someone I can refer him to?

FIT administration staff is capable and always willing to help students with problems within socio-academic parameters.