What kind of food is available in Hermannsburg?

German, Chinese, Greek, Italian und Turkish Food are offered in restaurants. There are also several supermarkets within walking distance where one can purchase various food stuff. 

ls the environment conducive to study?

According to many students’ experience: very conducive! 

Can I buy medicine without a prescription in a drugstore?

There are several drugstores or pharmacies in Hermannsburg. Most “over-the-counter” drugs are limited in Germany. Students are advised to consult with a doctor for prescriptions. 

What kind of mobile connection is good in Hermannsburg?

Best connections are with D1 or D2 net. 

How do I come into contact with people around Hermannsburg?

You can make friends on campus, and meet people in church congragations, at sports and social activities in and around Hermannsburg. A certain level of German is helpful, although many people here speak some English.

Are there any sight-seeing places near Hermannsburg?

Yes, there are places of interest in Celle, Lüneburg, Hannover, Braunschweig, Hamburg, as well as the Lüneburg Heath. Further information is provided during Orientation Week and from Rathaus (Tourist Information) in Hermannsburg and neighbouring towns and cities.