Public Transport

Can I travel everyday from Hannover to Hermannburg for lectures?

In principle: yes (60 min to travel one way); practically not recommendable for many days a week; travel opportunities between Unterlüß and Hermannsburg can be challenging. 

Which is the nearest train station in Hermannsburg?

There is no train station in Hermannsburg. The closest train station is Unterlüß railway station (16 km from Hermannsburg). 

Is there a public transport system?

Yes, there are regular bus and train services to and from Hermannsburg, however, the bus service operates within limited times. There is a taxi service available for frequent travel arrangements. For details, please check here:

How can I find public transport to and from Hermannsburg?

Check out the webpage of Cebus:

ls the accessibility of transportation reliable?

Yes, generally public transport services in Germany are reliable. There is a bus to and from Celle to Hermannsburg. 

Is there any possibility of having semester tickets?

Yes. For detauls pelase check here:
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